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 Making Strides By Leaps And Bounds

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PostSubject: Making Strides By Leaps And Bounds   Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:51 pm

Gina set backstage in hair and make-up inside the Good Morning America Studio 4 years had passed since she had been on "American Idol", her life was starting to slow down so when she got the call to appear on "Dancing With The Stars" she agreed and soon she would find out who her dancing partner would be on the show.

Starring in the mirror she sighed noticing the weight gain that was the talk around "Nashville" another reason she had agreed to do the show knowing she could somewhat get her figure back into shape "Five Minutes til you go onstage" she heard the manager backstage say. she stood to her feet and walked with other stars out onto the stage.

Sitting down in the spot the producer put her in she looked around at the stars that would be on the show, one seat remained empty that star would later be announced during another segment of the show.

Gina was familiar with the stars around her she knew Kellie Pickler due to the fact they were on "American Idol" the same season. taking in a deep breath and letting it out she smiled not sure why she was so nervous.

"Gina Cunnigham for this season 16 of Dancing with the stars meet your partner two time mirror ball trophy winner Mark Ballas." Tom Bergeron host of the show was saying.

Gina looked and saw Mark come out from backstage she stood to her feet and laughed as she watched him do a silly dance for the audience and viewers at home before he hugged her.

He smelled so good and right away she knew dancing with him would be complicated due to his cologne being a instant turn on for her. She was always seen at places with guys but it had been a few years since she was last in a serious relationship.

"Let's do this thing." Mark smiled at her as he pulled back then winked at her. She set back down in her chair and from behind she felt Mark put his hands on her shoulders sending a spark of electricity through her body.

Sara Considine one of the stars from "Criminal Minds" set beside her love interest on the show Shemar Moore as they talked about the show.

"Sara, we understand your also one of the stars competing on Dancing with the stars this season" Robin was saying.

"Yes." Sara smiled "At first i didn't think i could work both shows into my schedule but with a few episodes left in this season on Criminal Minds i figured i could."

"Your the only star who does not know who your partner is, the stars found out earlier but we waited til now to reveal your partner." Robin said.

Sara felt someone wrap their arms around her neck from behind she jumped a little before turning her head to find Derek Hough standing behind laughing.

"Meet your partner three time mirror ball champion Derek Hough." Robin said to her.

Sara stood to her feet so she and Derek could hug properly. she had hoped he would be the guy she was partnered with, she watched the show and thought he was the best professional dancer on the show.
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PostSubject: Re: Making Strides By Leaps And Bounds   Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:51 pm

During a commercial break on Good Morning America, Sara was still in shock that her partner was Derek Hough for her upcoming season on Dancing With The Stars. She had watched the show for years, and was so excited when she was asked to be on the show, she always wanted to learn how to dance, and was up for the challenge.

"We are back on in 10 seconds." a film crew announced, and someone else rearranged the furniture on the set so that Derek could join Shemar and Sara during their segment with Robin.

"Welcome back to Good Morning America in case you missed it the final pairing of the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars has been revealed." Robin stated. "I am here again with Sara Considine from Criminal Minds, and her dance partner Derek Hough. We are also here with Shemar Moore who plays Agent Derek Morgan on the show."

"Thank you so much for having us here this morning." Shemar told Robin smiling.

"Sara, as I understand it, you will be filming for the current season of Criminal Minds, and you will also be on Dancing With The Stars at the same time, how will you juggle both schedules, and will you be able to work with such handsome men?" Robin asked her. Sara couldn't help but laugh, and she blushed slightly sitting between Derek and Shemar, both of them were laughing as well.

"Well thankfully both shows are done in the L.A. area, so I won't have to do too much traveling but as far as working with these two, it will be difficult but I will manage somehow." Sara replied laughing.

After their session of the show was over, they were done for the day, and Sara had the chance to talk to Derek a little more, and she couldn't help but think that he was so adorable in person, and she was really looking forward to working with him. They got along really well already, and she knew she would have a lot of fun with him. She found out that he was staying in the same hotel as she was, and they agreed to go out for a nice dinner later on that evening to enjoy a night out in NYC before they were to begin getting ready for the show.

A little later Sara was in her hotel room, getting dressed. She decided to wear a pair of black capris, a pink dressy top and low black open-toed heels. She was in the bathroom putting on her make-up and she could feel butterflies in her stomach, she had no idea why she was feeling this way. She almost jumped as she finished up, and heard knocking on her door. She swallowed and made sure her hair looked ok before she went to answer, and she felt she was over dressed when she saw Derek in just a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt and a grey zip-up hoodie.

"Wow...you look really nice." Derek told her. "You ready?"

"Thank you Derek, you look nice too." she replied smiling as she walked out of her room, and the two of them started walking towards the elevator to begin their outing together.

They stumbled upon a really great burger joint in the city, and both were craving for a good burger, and during the meal they got to know each other better, and she already felt really comfortable around him. It almost seemed like they knew each other for a long time.

"So...you are a big fan of the show huh?" Derek asked her as he took off his hoodie. Sara couldn't help but notice his arms under his shirt.

"Yes, I love the show. It is so much fun to watch, and it still hasn't hit me that I will actually be on the show. You have always been my favorite to watch, and I can't believe you're my partner. Sorry I'm babbling." she said laughing as she took a drink of her iced tea.

"Yes, well I am the best! Nobody can beat the Hough man!" he said puffing out his chest, trying to be all macho, making her laugh harder almost spitting her drink out.

"Warn me next time before you become a comedian so I am not in the middle of drinking or eating anything, unless you want to be covered in whatever is in my mouth." she said laughing still. "If our rehearsals will be like this, I am already looking forward to it."

"We will have fun there's no doubt about it, and we will also work hard to be the best we can be each week. Let's cheers to that!" Derek told her as he picked up his glass, and she smiled as she also picked up hers, and clanked it against his.

"Cheers to being the best!" he said loudly.

"Cheers!" Sara said laughing before she took another drink of her iced tea.
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PostSubject: Re: Making Strides By Leaps And Bounds   Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:52 pm

Gina lay on a lounging chair by the pool outside of the hotel she was staying in til the following day her eyes shaded with a pair of coach sunglasses. "Warm out here today." she heard Mark's voice she opened her eyes and realized he was sitting on the chair beside her.

"Yeah it is." Gina said as she set up in her chair a little all of a sudden feeling uncomfortable in the takini she was wearing.

"I am sorry we didn't have much time to talk after we were paired up for the show." Mark told her.

"Oh, that is fine." Gina smiled at him "I know a lot about you actually, i have been watching you dance since your first season on the show."

"I have learned a little about you too." Mark said "I found out last week you would be my partner."

Gina found herself starring into his beautiful brown eyes and getting lost in them. "Would you like to join me for dinner tonight?" Mark was asking.

"Yeah i would enjoy that." Gina told him as she watched him remove his shirt and she felt her breath catch in her throat.

"You have a beautiful singing voice by the way." Mark told her as he relaxed.

"Thank you." Gina found herself blushing "My career is starting to finally slow down."

"Which is good or you and i wouldn't know one another right now." Mark smiled then winked at her.

"I hope that being on the show i can take off the pounds i have put on." Gina said lowering her head.

"I think your beautiful just the way you are." Mark said to her.

"I..thank you for the compliment." she said turning red once more.

"Come on, let's take a walk around New York before dinner tonight." Mark said already on his feet and extending his hand to her.

Gina took his hand and allowed him to pull her from the chair, he lifted her like it was nothing for him. Mark was a little taller than she was as they stood face to face, Mark pulled her sunglasses from her eyes and places them on the top of her head and smiled "Your eyes are beautiful."

"You really know how to charm a girl don't you?" Gina asked with a laugh as they headed into the hotel together.

"Only the ones i think are pretty." Mark told her "I will be at your room in 30 minutes giving you time to change."

"You know my room number?" Gina stopped and looked at him.

"I asked the check in clerk earlier when i was trying to find you." Mark laughed at the look on her face "Babe i don't stalk women."

"I am so sorry." Gina laughed at her foolishness "But i will be ready."

She watched as Mark walked up the stairs leading from the hotel lobby to the first floor of room then he took a right towards the elevator.

Once inside her room she tried to decide what she should wear, she decided on a pair of blue jean Capri and a cute top, on her feet she wore her favorite pair of sandals. Mark knocked on her door as she was pulling her hair into a ponytail she smiled at him when she opened the door.

"Ready to go?" Mark asked her checking out what she had on.

"Yes, let me just grab my purse." Gina told him.

The two walked down towards the elevator when they got to the lobby they got stares from a few people checking in.

"You live in the Los Angelas area right?" Mark asked her.

"Yeah, why do you ask?" Gina wanted to know.

"Because i do a gig at the sayers club a few nights a week, i would like it if you would come see me once we get back home." Mark said.

"Alright i will make a point to come see you." Gina smiled up towards him.

Gina enjoyed her time with Mark as they chatted and walked the streets of New York, she never imagined she would have feelings for someone she had only known a few hours.

"You know, when i heard you were going to be on the show i was kind of wishing they would pair us up." Mark said breaking the sudden silence between them.

"Why is that?" Gina asked "I would imagine you would want one of the prettier/skinner girls on the show."

"You got me all wrong then." Mark said taking her hand and stopping her "I lied earlier, i have followed your career and i knew about you through my best friends sister."

"But that does not explain why you would want to be partnered with me." Gina reminded him.

"I see the dancer i could make out of you." Mark told her "I don't want to see you putting yourself down, what you see is the opposite of what i see."

Gina felt tears come to her eyes behind her sunglasses, she refused to let Mark see but he caught the tear running down her cheek.

"Were going to win this thing okay? you have to believe in yourself and everything will be fine." Mark told her.

Later that night Gina was dressed in a pale pink halter sundress on her feet were a pair of open toe sandals that matched, her hair was pulled back into a bun she jumped when she heard a knock at the door.

Mark stood before her dressed in a pair of Khaki pants and a dark blue dress shirt, she found herself getting lost in his brown eyes. "You look beautiful tonight." he told her with a smile

"You don't look so bad yourself." Gina said as she allowed him to take her hand in his.

The two walked towards the elevator hand in hand Mark squeezed her hand and it sent a electric charge through her body. "Um, where are we eating tonight?" she asked.

"One of the fanciest restaurants in New York" Mark responded to her.

"You don't have to take me anywhere fancy." Gina said in almost a whisper.

"No arguments from you." Mark scolded with a smile as he took her arm in his as they strolled the NYC streets towards the restaurant.

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PostSubject: Re: Making Strides By Leaps And Bounds   Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:53 pm

The next day it was Friday and Sara only had a two interviews in the morning with Shemar again, they were promoting the current season of Criminal Minds. Even though the two of them were love interests on the show, in real life the two of them were good friends, and they enjoyed working together a lot. After they wrapped up their last interview of the day, the two of them walked outside into a rather chilly late morning in New York City.

When they were outside Sara checked her iPhone for messages and phone calls, and she was surprised and a little excited when she saw that Derek had left her a voice mail.

“Did pretty boy give you a call? I know that look on your face Sara, and I saw the way Derek looked at you yesterday. He definitely likes you, and you two would make a cute couple.” Shemar told her, giving her a smile.

Sara couldn’t help but blush at what he had told her, and she wasn’t sure if she believed him. “Oh please, how can he like me? We just met yesterday, and we just had dinner last night to get to know each other better before the show starts, and he is just my dance partner.”

“Sara, there are a lot of reasons for a man to like you. You are kind, funny, and you care a lot about others. Well I am sorry that I can’t stay much longer, I have to head back home, but I will see you soon.” Shemar told her reassuringly, giving her shoulder a squeeze, before he pulled her into a big bear hug.

After Shemar left, Sara looked down at her phone again, and saw the voicemail again, and she felt butterflies in her stomach looking at it. She did not understand why she was so nervous and anxious about listening to it. Taking a deep breath she tapped on the voicemail message and held her phone up to her ear to listen, and when she heard his voice it made her excited. She was amazed that just his voice alone was enough to make her heart beat quickly.

“Hey Sara, this is Derek I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out again today before we have to head back to LA. Call me back when you get this.”

Sara was smiling and she was excited at the idea of hanging out with him again and decided to call him back, and she got nervous when she heard ringing.

"Hough!" Derek answered, making her laugh.

"Hello Mr. Hough, this is Sara returning your call, sorry I was in another interview this morning but I am free to hang out any time today." she replied feeling herself blush.

"Thank you so much for returning my call, Ms. Considine. Unfortunately I will not be able to hang out until after 5 this evening, but I will be free after that. I will be collecting you from the hotel at 5:30." he informed her.


Later that evening Derek and Sara were out enjoying their last night in New York City, he had taken her out for dinner again this time to a place a little nicer than a burger joint, and he wanted to take her to a club to have a little bit of fun. During dinner Sara had two drinks, and being a light weight drinker she was already feeling a little tipsy, and she was feeling even more comfortable around Derek, and he was such a gentleman towards her, and this felt more like a date, and she had to keep reminding herself that he was just her dance partner, nothing else. She ignored her thoughts though because she could feel something else there. She knew she would have no problems feeling connected with him on the show.

Sara had her arm linked with Derek's as they were walking through the streets of the city after dinner, and she was looking forward to the rest of the evening with him.

"I hope you are enjoying yourself tonight Sara." Derek told her as he put his hand on top of hers that was holding onto his arm, this sent electricity through her body, she was amazed at the effect he had on her.

"Yes I am having fun tonight Derek." Sara said smiling. He smiled back at her and lead her into a really awesome looking dance club, she was nervous about dancing with him because he had more experience.

After ordering a few more drinks and socializing a little more with each other, Sara had taken off her cardigan she was wearing a fancy tank top, and she also had black jeggings and small black heels on. She looked at Derek, as she look a sip of her Mike's Hard Lemonade. After she put the bottle down, she looked away for a minute watching people dance on the dance floor, and she could feel his eyes on her. She knew that they already had a connection that wasn't explainable, and she already had a good feeling about the show

Derek finished his drink and he walked around to her side of the table, and for some reason he felt nervous, which was silly because this beautiful lady was already his partner on the show. Sara looked at him, and his beautiful blue eyes, and he had a little bit of a mustache. He was so beautiful to her in that moment. Derek held onto her hand, feeling how soft it was, and he had her stand.

"Would you like to dance with me?" Derek asked her. Sara initially wanted to say something sarcastic, but she failed to find anything to say, so she stood up and took his hand, and she let him take her onto the dance floor. The alcohol helped her feel comfortable being out here with him, and he already had a way of making her feel that way, and he wasted no time moving his body with hers, and he'd twirl her around a few times, she was having so much fun and she could feel that chemistry between them, when the song ended he did one final twirl and he pulled her towards him, and she laughed and smiled his face was so close to hers and she looked into his eyes. He was smiling back at her and his smile made her want to melt right there in his arms.

A little later, the two of them were back at their hotel, they had to get up kind of early to catch their flight back to LA. Sara was a little sad that the evening had to end so soon. Derek was holding onto her hand as they walked into the elevator, which they had to themselves, and they had to travel 15 floors up to their rooms. As soon as the doors closed the energy between them changed, and she had no idea where it came from. Derek was still holding onto her hand, and he placed his other hand on her waist and pulled her body close to hers, he let go of her hand and brought his hand up under her chin and he kissed her gently at first.

Sara gently kissed him back, his lips felt so soft against hers the connection that was there in the dance club resurfaced and was in full bloom in the elevator. She pulled back from him for a moment and was smiling back at him, she couldn't believe this had happened, especially she had only met him less than 24 hours ago. He smiled back at her before he kissed her again, this time moving her back against one of the elevator walls, and she held onto his strong arms because she thought she was going to pass out. Suddenly the elevator dinged, making them break their kiss leaving them both breathless. Derek smiled as he took her hand, and lead her towards his room.

"Uh...Mr. Hough my room is that way." she said to him, surprised that she was able to speak after what had happened on the elevator.

"Oh I guess I failed to mention that I called the hotel earlier and had all of your things moved into my room, so it looks like we are sharing now." Derek told her smiling, and he laughed at her shocked expression.

"Well now, you are just full of surprises aren't you Mr. Hough?" she asked shaking her head at him.

"Oh you have no idea Sara, just you wait until we start rehearsing." he told her smiling as they reached their room.
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PostSubject: Re: Making Strides By Leaps And Bounds   Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:53 pm

During dinner with Mark Gina found herself getting more tipsy than normal, as they made the way back to the hotel the cool night breeze sent shivers down her spine. "Here, no use in you being cold." Mark said wrapping his jacket around her arms.

The jacket smelled just like Mark a mixture of his cologne and what she thought was heaven. "Thank you.." Gina said as she blushed beneath the city lights.

"Your adorable when you blush Miss Cunnigham." Mark smiled down at her "But it could be the wine taking effect on you too."

"Don't get me wrong i have had boyfriends in the past but being around you makes me feel so jittery inside and shy on the outside." Gina told him.

"Something gives it away you have been hurt in the past." Mark said stopping her in the streets her hands in his.

"Before my career got started, he abused me and made me so self conscious about myself." Gina told him "Every guy i have let in my life it took awhile for me to trust them and that is why every relationship ended."

Gina didn't realize tears had fallen from her eyes til the moment Mark was wiping them away with the pads of his thumbs "Your beautiful Gina, don't let anyone tell you different."

Gina looked down at the ground but he lifted her chin to where she was starring into his brown eyes "Would you like to watch a movie or something in my room for awhile before heading back to your room?"

"Yeah i would like that." Gina felt herself smile, something about Mark brought confidence inside of her. He had said she was beautiful now it was up to her to make herself believe those words.

Back at the hotel Mark let Gina enter his room before him, he must have left the air down the room was freezing making her shiver "Sorry i like my room cold." Mark said before he cut the air off in the room.

There was one bed in the room and she was not sure where to sit, she was going to take a seat on the couch in the room but Mark shook his head no and patted the bed pulling the covers back for her.

Gina complied to get under the covers then chewed on her bottom lip as she watched Mark take his shirt off revealing the wife beater beneath. Mark disappeared into the bathroom and came out wearing a pair of blue Nike basketball shorts.

"That is better." Mark told her joining her on the bed, her hormones were out on control probably from too much to drink that night. "Do you like the hangover?"

"One of my favorite movies." Gina said in almost a whisper, sure she was not exactly sleeping with Mark at the moment but being in the same bed made her feel like a whore.

"Warm enough?" Mark asked her snaking a arm around her shoulders.

"Getting there." Gina said surprised as she found herself snuggling against him resting her head beneath his arm on his pillow that smelled like his shampoo.

That night Gina fell asleep in his bed, when she opened her eyes again sun was shining into the room and Mark was laying asleep on the couch across the room.

He looked so peaceful laying there asleep but she also knew his flight leaving to LA was scheduled on the same plane and same time as hers "Mark.." she said as she rested her hand on his bare arm.

"Hm?" Mark asked trying to bury his head in the pillow to block out the sun and the voice talking to him, when he recognized it was Gina's voice he was wide awake and all smiles.

"I think we have some time for breakfast before we have to pack." Gina told him "why did i end up in your bed and you in the couch?"

"You looked so peaceful and i would have shared the bed with you but considering what you told me last night i thought it was best i didn't." Mark told her as he checked his phone for messages.

Gina's inner Goddess was pouting at the thought of Mark not sharing the same bed as her, she watched Mark reply to a text then run his fingers through her hair. "My best friend asked me to come downstairs and join him and his dance partner for breakfast, would you like to accompany me miss Cunnigham?"

"I would be delighted Mr Ballas." Gina smiled "But can i have a few minutes in my room to change? i look over dressed for breakfast."

"I will be at your door in 10 minutes." Mark told her with a smile as he watched her leave the room.

Once inside her room Gina slipped into a pair of black yoga pants and a pink tee tank on her feet she slipped on her Nike shoes. She was putting her hair into a ponytail when Mark knocked on the door.

"Your never a minute late are you?" Gina asked with a laugh as she opened the door.

"Not when it comes to you." Mark winked which caused her to blush and chew on her bottom lip "For future reference the lip biting thing turns me on."

"Did you really just tell me that?" Gina asked with a giggle.

"Yeah i think i did." Mark told her it was his turn to blush as they reached the breakfast area of the hotel "You go and join Derek, what would you like on your plate?"

"Eggs and bacon with some apple juice." Gina told him as she walked towards Derek hough who smiled and stood when she reached the table.

"You must be Mark's dance partner Gina." Derek said to her.

"He is come kind of Sherlock Holmes." the girl at the table laughed "My name is Sara."

Gina took her seat across from Sara and Derek at the table they were soon joined by Mark who placed the plate of food and cup of apple juice in front of her.

"Thank you." Gina smiled sweetly towards him there was chemistry between the two of them for sure but Gina tried to ignore it was there at all.

Two weeks had passed since she had last seen Mark, he had tried calling and texting but she didn't respond she was dressing for the day at her apartment when she heard a knock at her front door, Mark stood before her as she opened the door her mouth was on the floor.

"Can i come in? i think you and i should talk." Mark asked his eyes showed frustration but his face showed sadness.

"How did you find where i lived?" Gina wanted to know as she let him inside.

"I had to contact the producer of DWTS and get your address." Mark told her "What is the deal Gina? i have called, left voicemails, sent texts."

"I know and i am sorry i never responded." Gina lowered her head "would you like some coffee?"

"First i want to know what i have done wrong." Mark said taking her hand and leading her to the couch.

"Mark there was a chemistry between us and i got scared." Gina sighed as tears started to pool out of her hazel eyes.

"Is this going to be a problem being paired with me?" Mark asked her softly.

"I don't want it to be, i am so confused Mark." Gina sniffled "you show affection towards me, and it is more than any other guy offered me."

"So your trying to hint that your not deserving of me?" Mark asked her.

Gina chewed on her bottom lip as tears continued to fall, what he said was exactly what she was thinking and feeling and she was scared of out her mind.

"Listen to me for a second alright?" Mark said lifting her chin "I do not show affection to women i don't think are deserving of me."

"How many women have been deserving of you?" Gina asked out of curiosity.

"To be honest? before you only one and she was not the right one for me in the end." Mark told her "will you please come with me to the sayer club tonight?"

"I forgot about the promise i would come see you." Gina sighed "but yes i will be there."

"I will come pick you up around nine." Mark told her before he kissed her hand lightly "please don't ignore my calls or messages."

Gina watched as he left her apartment she fell to the floor against the door and found herself in tears, she was falling in love with Mark Ballas and it was a love she had never felt before.
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PostSubject: Re: Making Strides By Leaps And Bounds   Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:54 pm

Two weeks after the New York trip Sara had moved in with Derek, as she wanted to move closer to the Los Angeles area. She decided to rent a Uhaul trailer to move all of her belongings. She was really happy with how her life was going at the moment, she and Derek were pretty much a couple at this point. It was amazing how quickly she was able to fall for him, but again she wasn't surprised that she did. They wanted to keep a low profile about them dating, the last thing the couple needed was the paparazzi bothering them.

It was a beautiful sunny day in LA, and Derek was helping her unload boxes from the trailer. Sara was carrying in one of the last ones, as Derek followed with another box. Both were sweaty and panting when they finished.

"This is the last of it I think." Sara said as she put the box on the floor, and she stood up and wiped sweat from her forehead. She still couldn't believe any of this was real. If anyone had told her two weeks ago that she would be moving in with Derek Hough, she would've said they were crazy. She knew now that just about anything was possible.

Derek walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder. "Welcome home." he told her.

Sara smiled as she turned around with his arms still around her, and she looked into his beautiful blue eyes, her favorite thing about him was his eyes. She rested her hands on his chest. "Thank you sweetie." she smiled before she pressed her lips against his, laughing a little. His little mustache ticked the skin around her lips.

"I can't believe this is my life, all of this is happening so fast. I love it though." she murmured.

A little later after eating lunch Sara was in their bedroom unpacking her clothes it was the last of the things she had to unpack. She just had to finish unpacking her shoes, and she realized her collection of shoes was probably a little smaller than most ladies.

"I think you might be one of the only women I know that doesn't have a lot of heels in her shoe collection." Derek commented as if he could read her mind as he watched her unpack.

"I just don't like to wear them, I like to be comfortable in what I wear. Last time I checked heels weren't in that category." Sara replied as she placed her last pair of shoes into the closet, and sighed again relieved to be done. As she was finishing up, she heard Derek's phone going off.

"Hey Mark." Derek said as he answered as he laid back on the bed. Sara sighed as she laid down beside him.

"Sure, we'll love to join you. We'll see you later." Derek replied smiling before he hung up, and he snuggled against Sara wrapping an arm around her.

"What did your boyfriend want?" Sara teased before she kissed his nose, and she squealed when he was suddenly on top of her and he was tickling her. "Derek!"

"He and Gina would like to have dinner with us tonight." he replied before he gave her a kiss, sending electricity through her body. She was familiar to this feeling, but nobody made her feel more alive than Derek did.

"Ok sounds fun baby, maybe we ought to get cleaned up first." She said smiling.

Derek moved off of her and he held her hand as he took her into the master bathroom, with a tub and an oversized shower. He pulled her close to him and kissed her before he had her get up on the counter and removed her clothes while she removed his, and eventually they moved into the shower.

After getting clean, the couple got out and went into the bedroom to get dressed for dinner. Sara changed into a turquoise silky top, with hot pink capris and dark pink shoes with jewels on them and a low heel. She flushed when she heard Derek whistling at her as he finished getting dressed in a simple white button down shirt and khaki shorts, on his feet were brown flip flops.

"You look so beautiful, I am not sure how I will be able to concentrate when we start rehearsing." Derek told her wrapping his arms around her. "We have a little bit of time to kill before we have to leave, why don't we try dancing a little bit right now?"

Sara was nervous about dancing, but Derek had a way of making her comfortable and she agreed to dance with him here in their bedroom. Deciding to leave her shoes on, she'd have to learn how to dance in heels for the show. She smiled as he held her hands in his and he twirled her around and she stumbled a little on her shoes, but didn't fall to her surprise.

After dancing for 15 minutes, the happy couple left their home together to have dinner with their friends
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Gina starred out the passenger side window of Mark's Audi the feeling of his hand on hers sent shivers down her spine, never in a million dreams would she have thought she would be dating Mark Ballas. "Your not saying much tonight baby." Mark interrupted her thoughts.

"Just thinking of all that has happened in these past few weeks." Gina told him turning her attention towards him she smiled when he squeezed her hand.

"I want to ask you something but i am afraid of what your reaction will be." Mark said softly his eyes concentrating on the road his thumb rubbing her hand again.

"Never be afraid to ask me anything, we've been dating almost two weeks." Gina said before she lifted his hand to her lips and kissed his knuckles.

"You've never been to my apartment and i wanted you to stay the night with me." Mark told her breathing a sigh of relief glad to get that off his chest.

"Baby i have been waiting for you to ask me to stay with you." Gina laughed "You were nervous about that?"

Mark started laughing with her as they pulled into the restaurant where they were meeting Derek and Sara that night.

After dinner Mark drove to his apartment which was more like a bachelor pad. Gina stepped inside and the apartment matched Mark's personality perfectly. "I want to show you the bedroom first." Mark whispered into her ear from behind.

"How many girls have you used that line on?" Gina smirked at him as she turned to face him, Mark lifted her into his arms and she wrapped her legs around his body.

"Just one special girl and that would be you." Mark smiled against her lips as he carried her towards the bedroom.

Gina allowed Mark to lay her onto the bed, using her elbows and legs she climbed to the top of the bed laying her head against Mark's pillow that smelled like him. She watched as Mark took the small remote laying beside his bed and turning the radio on he found the song he was searching for then smiled down at her.

A whisper away from changin' everything
But is it safe to say
Such dangerous things
When your hands are tremblin'
Girl I'm weak in the knees
It's times like these when silence means everything
More than anything

Gina starred into Mark's brown eyes and found herself getting lost in them, everything about Mark made her insides twist leaving her wanting him just as bad as he wanted her.

So fall when you're ready baby
Let our kiss count the moments and hearts set the pace
I'll be your love song and I'll love you right off your feet
Until you fall into me

Love ain't a race
There's no finish line
And I love a chase
But don't leave me behind
'Cause girl we're both gamblin'
But I'm playin' for keeps
It's time like these
When patience means everything
More than anything

So fall when you're ready baby
Let our kiss count the moments and hearts set the pace
I'll be your love song and I'll love you right off your feet

And I'll fall for you every day
I'll cherish the moments time can't erase
We'll be the love song
I promise you we're gonna sing

Girl when you fall into me
Girl when you fall into me

C'mon baby fall into me
I'm waiting
Fall into me
Fall into me
Fall into me
A whisper away from changing everything

That night the love made between them was nothing she had ever experienced before. everything between them was real. she fell asleep in his arms feeling safe and protected.
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A few days later mark lay on his bed feeling like he was coming down with a cold, Gina was spending the day shopping with Sara and would be meeting him at the "Sayers club" that night to see him perform.

Mark sneezed into a nearby Kleenex and sighed as he heard a knock on the apartment door, Derek stood on the other side of the door shaking his head when he saw how terrible his best friend looked. "Still planning on performing tonight?" Derek asked.

"have you ever known me to cancel?" Mark asked a ill tone to his voice as he set down on the couch curling his legs at his side.

"Not even when you were on the edge of bronchitis." Derek agreed as he joined his best friend on the couch.

"How are you and Sara getting along?" Mark asked wanting to change the subject on how bad he was feeling.

"Getting along great." Derek grinned from one ear to the other "I know it is weird to date your dance partner but I am so attracted to her."

"Can't be any worse than having sex with your dance partner." Mark said softly Derek had to strain to hear what he said.

"Oh Mark tell me you didn't." Derek sighed "we have tried dating partners and it never worked."

"Maybe this time will be different, you can't help who you fall for Derek." Mark pointed out the obvious.

"Your right on that one." Derek agreed "these two girls have or will change our lives."

Later that night Mark waited backstage in his dressing room feeling worse than he had earlier in the day. "Mr Ballas you have a visitor." The club manager said.

"Send them on in." Mark said with a sigh as he ran his hands over his face. When the door opened Bc Jean a blonde girl he had been on a few dates with walked in.

"Why have I not heard from you baby?" Bc asked joining him on the couch and tracing his jawline with the tip of her finger.

"I have been out of town." Mark told her "and please don't call me baby like we are a couple."

"But I thought we were a couple, last time we went out we had a blast." Bc told him.

"I am sorry, that was before I met someone else. Now can you please get out of my dressing room so I can rest?"

"No guy has ever in my life turned me down." Bc told him before forcing a kiss on Mark just as someone snapped a picture.
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Making Strides By Leaps And Bounds
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