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 Accidental Attraction

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PostSubject: Accidental Attraction   Tue Dec 31, 2013 10:05 pm

Gina ran her fingers over the fabric of the perfect little black dress she knew would look perfect on her body since her change in weight loss, the dress had Waistline embellishments which exude elegance as they divide the twisted bodice from a flowy chiffon skirt. sighing she chose her size in the dress then went off towards the shoes to find the perfect pair to match.

On the dress side of the store stood Gina's best friend Sara who was busy trying to decide between two dresses, finally she decided on a dress that had lace just below the neckline with a flouncy hemline. She found Gina over in the shoes trying on a pair of cute ankle strap shoes that would match the dress laying beside her perfectly. "I can't believe you talked me into going to a new years eve bash tonight." Sara said as she set out in search of a pair of shoes to match her dress.

"When are we ever going to the chance to see Ballas Hough Band perform?" Gina asked not looking up from the shoes.

"I guess you have a point there." Sara told her "I hope we get there in time to be right at the stage."

"Trust me I will push our way through the crowd somehow if we can't get there." Gina said blowing a strand of fallen hair out of her eyes.

"I can see you doing that." Sara laughed, she had known Gina for three years but they had just recently moved to Los Angeles into a tiny but adorable two bedroom apartment.

"Alright, let's pay out and then head to the salon so we can get our hair done, manicures, and pedicures." Gina said standing to her feet just as Sara chose shoes.

"Were going all out for tonight, but it is the one night we can go all out and feel good about ourselves." Sara said with a smile as they headed towards the nearest checkout.

"Were going to enjoy ourselves tonight and if we get tipsy then we will find a nearby hotel and just stay there tonight." Gina suggested.

Mark Ballas drove towards his girlfriend Bc Jean's apartment knowing she would not be ready so they could arrive on time for the band to warm up and rehearse before performing that night. Just as he pulled into her apartment complex his cell phone went off playing the ringtone he had set for his best friend and band mate Derek Hough. "What you up to homie?" Mark asked.

"Nina is driving me crazy going through every dress in her closet." Derek said rolling his eyes "I am about to tell her to just meet me there."

"I got a feeling I'm going to be going through the same thing with Bc Jean in a few minutes." Mark said getting out of his Audi and locking it before heading towards his girlfriends apartment.

"Then I will let you deal with that one, I will see you at the house of blues." Derek said a hint of laughter in his voice.

Mark sighed before he knocked on the door he waited for her to answer when she did like he had guessed she was nowhere near ready to leave. "Babe I told you a time for a reason." Mark said shaking his head.

"I am sorry but i am running late." Bc Jean told him before she kissed his lips "Keep Pixie company while i get ready alright?"

"The damn dog doesn't need company." Mark said rolling his eyes, sometimes it felt she cared more about the dog than she cared about him.

"Mark she gets lonely if she is not getting attention." Bc Jean hollered from the bathroom where she was working on her hair.

"Then the dog will be lonely." Mark said under his breath as he grabbed a beer from the fridge and set down at the island to drink it.
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PostSubject: Re: Accidental Attraction   Tue Dec 31, 2013 10:39 pm

That night Gina and Sara stood front and center of the stage waiting for their favorite band to appear onstage. Both girls were feeling good after having a few drinks already and planning on one more drink maybe even two already making the decision to stay at the hotel close by. "I don't know if it is the drinks or the thought of the boys coming onstage soon, but it is hot in here all of a sudden." Sara had to holler to be heard over to crowd.

"I think it is a mixture of both." Gina said fanning her face with her free hands.

The lights dimmed and music to one of the bands songs began to play, Sara let out a loud scream she seemed to get a little rowdier that Gina when she was feeling tipsy.

The boys were soon in front of them and Gina found Derek Hough's crotch almost in eye contact she had to look up to see his eyes which were a gorgeous blue. Derek was wearing a white shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers on his feet she was mesmerized.

Sara's eyes were fixed on Mark who wore a pair of black pants with chains coming from the right pocket and a black shirt with tennis shoes, the look on her face told Gina there was nobody else in the room but Mark.

Cause I wanna hold you all the time
Tell you that you're all that's on my mind
Baby, baby, please just dim the lights
Wanna treat you like your birthday
And give it to you your way

Gina was singing along when Derek looked down at her from the stage and smiled his gorgeous smile before he winked at her. Gina felt her heart stop beating for a second.

Before the concert ended Gina had a VIP backstage pass in her hand from Derek and Sara had one in her hand from Mark.

The girls made their way backstage and where they showed the passes to a security guard who showed them to a room where the boys were. Gina was the first to step inside smoothing out her dress and hair at the same time as she did so, Both boys were sitting on a couch laughing but they stopped when the girls came into the room. "Glad you two made it backstage." Mark said with a warm smile.

"Thank you for inviting us backstage." Sara said she was also more talkative than Gina when she was tipsy.

"Been fans long?" Derek asked as he motioned for Gina to sit in a nearby chair.

"Since your first season in Dancing with the stars." Gina responded to his question.

"You two looked like you were having fun out there." Mark told Sara who was sitting in a chair beside him her legs crossed like a lady.

"We don't normally party like this." Gina told the guys "But we saw you were performing here tonight and we wanted a chance to see you in concert."

Just then the door opened and two girls entered the room joining Derek and Mark on the couch each girl greeted a guy with a kiss. Gina looked at Sara a look saying "We don't belong here."

"Nina honey these two girls are fans." Derek smiled towards Gina. Even though he had his girlfriend sitting at his side he couldn't keep his mind off this girl sitting to his left.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Gina." she smiled politely.

"I'm Sara." She said introducing herself to a girl Mark had called Bc, a girl who looked as if she didn't belong with Mark.

"Thank you for inviting us backstage but we must be going." Gina said as she stood to her feet and she almost fell as the drinks suddenly hit her.

"Let our security guard make sure you girls reach your hotel." Mark said as he stared Sara up and down, she was beautiful.

The girls left the room with the security guard heading to the hotel never expecting to see the guys again but thankful for that night.
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PostSubject: Re: Accidental Attraction   Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:14 pm

Derek lay awake in his hotel room bed that night Nina sleeping beside him, he had a beautiful woman in his life but his mind was on someone else.

Derek gently got out of bed and slipped on some gray jogging pants and a red long sleeved shirt not bothering with socks he left the room to go sit in the lobby to do some thinking.

When he reached the lobby he found Gina sitting in a chair near the window watching as the last of the crowd outside the hotel refused to stop the party. "I didn't know we were staying at the hotel." Derek said startling her.

"I thought you would be in bed, you looked tired backstage." Gina said as he set across from her in a empty chair the were the only two in the lobby.

"Had my mind on some thing." Derek told her he was now sitting Indian style in the chair.

"Your girlfriend is very pretty, I didn't know you were dating someone." Gina said a jealous pain suddenly hitting her stomach.

"We've been dating four months now." Derek said "I love her but i don't know how this relationship will work."

"Why would you say that? she obviously loves you." Gina said as she starred into his blue eyes.

"Well right now she is here, but in a few weeks she has to go back to Atlanta to start filming for Vampire Diaries." Derek told her.

"Yeah long distance relationships are hard on couples." Gina agreed as she rubbed at her temples.

"Those drinks starting to give you a headache?" Derek asked standing.

"Yeah, but i can take myself to my room." Gina told him afraid to be seen with him knowing the word would get back to Nina.

"Let me walk you to your room, it is the least i can do." Derek told her.

"Alright." Gina said too tired and not feeling well enough to argue with him.

When they reached her room Derek smiled at her knowing this would probably be the last time he would be seeing her.

"I'm glad we got to meet." Derek told her.

"I feel the same way." Gina replied to him before she knew it he was hugging her.

She broke the hug then unlocked her room and went inside leaving Derek in the hallway wishing he had got to know her a little better.

As Gina lay in bed her pounding she fought off sleep as she thought of what Derek had been wearing and his bare feet, why did he have to be taken by someone else? Normally she was not the jealous time but she was jealous with envy of Nina.

Somehow she managed sleep that night she dreamed of Derek but Nina was not in the picture, it was her and him and they were happily in love with one another.
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PostSubject: Re: Accidental Attraction   Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:55 pm

Sara lay awake in her single bedroom suite in the hotel she was staying at with Gina. Sara usually did not have trouble sleeping, but she just found herself laying there thinking about how amazing the previous evening had been. She was also thinking about how she had spent another New Year's Eve single, though she was glad to have Gina as her best friend, and she smiled as she thought about the fun they had.

Sara's mind drifted to Mark, and she wished she had the chance to spend more time with him backstage after the show, and she felt her heart sinking as she thought about seeing his girlfriend kissing him, and it made her realize she didn't stand a chance with him.

As she thought about this, she heard knocking at her door, at first she thought she was just imagining things, and just closed her eyes. Then she heard it again, and she glanced at her clock on the night stand, it was only 1:30am and the New Year's festivities in LA were still going strong outside. She had no idea who would be knocking at her door at this hour, unless it was Gina and accidentally locked herself out of her room.

She climbed out of bed, rubbing the little bit of sleepiness from her eyes in a pair of Bears pj pants and an orange t-shirt and grey socks with yellow pink and blue dots on them, and made her way over to the door. She opened it and did not expect to find Mark Ballas standing there looking so appealing in black sweat pants and a wife beater showing off his beautiful sleeve tattoo, and even though she had just met him a few hours ago she could tell that he seemed tipsy, he was still beautiful to her, and it hurt that she couldn't have him because he was taken.

"Mark?! H...how did you know I was here?" she asked him, amazed she was able to speak at this point, but she supposed it didn't matter, he was here, and her wish had been granted about wanting to spend more time with him.

Without her saying so, he let himself into her room. Mark knew it was the drinks he had making him think this way, but he thought Sara looked more appealing now than she did when she was all dolled up. "I had a feeling you were staying here and I asked the front desk about what room you were in, and honestly I couldn't get you out of my mind since I saw you tonight. I wanted to talk to you more after the show, but we were cut short of that." he told her.

"Yes, we were. I wanted to talk to you more too. You've been on my mind all night." Sara told him. Then before either of them realized what was happening Mark pulled Sara into his arms and kissed her, sending chills and jolts of electricity through her body. She knew this was wrong because he had a girlfriend, but it felt so right.

They broke the kiss both of them in shock and completely breathless, and Sara immediately was glad that she and Gina had separate rooms. It was New Year's Eve, they both were tipsy, and she wanted this man more than she ever wanted anything before.

He seemed to read her mind as he kissed her again and had her wrap her legs around his waist as he picked her up and carried her to the bed. "Tell me now if you want me to stop baby." Mark told her huskily as he laid her down on the bed.

"No Mark, I don't want you to stop. I want you." She replied breathlessly as he kissed her again, this time his kisses were more loving and full of want and need and she knew his current relationship wasn't giving him what he needed, and made sure she'd give it to him tonight. "Damn baby, you're a great kisser."

Mark smiled and he nipped at her lower lip before he kissed her neck and started to pull her pjs off, and was delighted when she had no bra or panties on underneath them. "Damn baby, you are so beautiful." he told her as he ran his eyes up and down her naked body.

"You're too overdressed mister. Let me help you." she said smiling as she sat up and helped him take his wife beater off. "You are beautiful too Mark."

Mark kissed her again, and had her lay down and kissed his way down her body stopping at her hips, before he picked up her feet and sat on his knees in front of her. "One thing you should know about me, is I love women's feet." he told her before he kissed each of her toes and she gasped and was getting more aroused when he started to suck on her toes.

"Mmm...I am a lucky woman then to find someone like you to take care of my feet. I need you Mark...please." she said breathlessly, as she laid back against the pillows.

Mark kissed each of her feet, and finished undressing himself before he held himself above her and kissed her lovingly. "Shhh...you never have to beg from me baby. If you need me I'm here....always." he told her.

Sara kissed him back, holding him close and gasped against his lips as he entered her, he felt like a dream and almost expected to wake up from this amazing dream she must be having.

The two of them finished about 30 minutes later, no longer able to hold on. When they finished making love Mark held her in his arms and kissed her again, both sighed contently.

"I promise, I will last a little longer next time, and I will kiss more than just your sexy feet." Mark told her resting his forehead against hers, trying to catch his breath.

"Next time huh? I supposed I better get used to this then." Sara said smiling before she kissed him back and rested her head on his chest as he rubbed her back until they fell asleep this way.

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PostSubject: Re: Accidental Attraction   Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:19 pm

Derek sighed as he looked outside the window of the door leading to the balcony of his apartment. Nina had left to go back to Atlanta but it was not her he missed.

Deciding to go for a drive he grabbed the keys to his Audi and left the apartment, running into her were chances set very high but still inside he hoped.

As he drove through downtown Los Angeles his eyes searched the crowd, suddenly she along with Sara joined the crowd coming out of a shop.

Parking his car Derek found himself screaming her name and chasing her down, when she stopped she smiled the frowned remembering Nina "I have been thinking of you non stop since the performance."

"What about your girlfriend?" Gina wanted to know.

"She is back in Atlanta now, besides we had a huge fight the day she left." Derek explained.

"Listen Mark and i are leaving for Aspen tomorrow, I would like you girls to join us."

"We would love to come." Sara told him before Gina could speak.

Aspen looked beautiful covered in snow as the four stood outside the cabin they would be sharing for the next week. "It is so beautiful here." Sara said.

"Just like you." Mark said before he kissed her neck.

"I hope there are four bedrooms here." Gina said grabbing her luggage.

"Yeah we have a four bedroom" Derek assured her in a soft voice.

Mark looked over at his best friend knowing he wanted more than just a friendship with Gina.

Later that night Gina lay in bed reading when she heard a knock at the door without thinking she told the person on the other side of the door to come in.

Derek was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a white wife beater "I need to talk to you. he said placing her book to the side before he got on the bed and positioned her how he wanted

Derek began to stroke her hair they sat there in the silent darkness. You smell like heaven, Gina he whispered, burying his face in the silky blond strands She sighed as Derek moved his hand lower, to the curve of her neck. Her head fell back as his fingers coasted over her skin, down to the strap of the tank top. Derek slid it down her shoulder and lowered his head to kiss the flesh he had uncovered. Her breath caught and  he pulled away from her. he took her face in my hands.

Gina need you. I dont want to leave. Derek traced her lips with his thumb, and moaned when she opened her mouth and caught his thumb, sucking on it gently.

Derek she breathed, releasing his thumb, I dont want you to leave. I want you to stay. I want you.

Derek captured her lips with his. Finally, after the few days, his mouth was on hers. Our tongues moved together and Derek fisted his hands in her hair, desperate to hold on. Her hands ran up his back, underneath his shirt, and sent a chill up his spine.

Derek's lips moved from hers and found the softness of her cheeks, her neck. his hands moved to her waist, and skimmed over her belly, inching beneath her top. he didn't know who moaned louder when he cupped her breasts at last, only that Derek was surely going to die from such ecstasy. he could feel her nipples harden further as I squeezed her gently. he pulled the tank off of her quickly, and the moonlight spilled over her breasts. Derek moved my lips, kissing a trail downward until I found what I desired. I pushed her gently to lay back and I leaned over her and sucked on her left nipple while caressing the right. his tongue made a path as he switched to the right nipple, suckling and massaging it in his mouth. She tasted amazing. he wanted more.

After spending a little more time lavishing her breasts, Derek trailed kisses down her belly and nibbled at her hip bones, nudging the waistband of the pants lower. She shuddered as his mouth neared her center. Derek!

Derek lifted his head and beheld her, arms above her head, back arching slightly. Baby?

Pleasedont stop

Never, love. he untied her drawstring and eased the pants down her legs and off, leaving a pair of yellow cotton panties and a million miles of leg. Derek stroked her inner thighs, and her legs fell wide apart as he had hoped they would. She whimpered his name over and over as he kissed the inside of her thighs, inching closer and closer to her panties. Derek held her legs apart gently with his hands and stroked her through her panties with my thumbs. Jesus, she was soaked.

Derek couldnt resist. his tongue traced the path his thumbs had taken, and she choked out a strangled cry. Encouraged, he pushed his tongue harder against her, tasting cotton mingled with her musky wetness.

Derek off she said

Gina? he replied

Off they she told him

Derek frowned. Whats wrong?

Take my fucking underwear OFF, Derek I cant take it! she moaned.

Derek grinned. Your wish is my command, my love. She lifted her hips anxiously and he pulled the panties off, pushed her legs apart once more, and dove in. She arched her back and cried out as his tongue found her where she desired. Derek flicked his tongue along her clit and within moments she was fisting the sheets and thrusting against him as she came, gasping his name. Derek slid a finger inside her and closed his eyes, imagining it was a different part of him filling her.

Derek. Her voice was husky, and she sat up. he sat in front of her.

Gina I, he said

Shhh. She put a finger to his lips and pulled his shirt over his head. Lay down, Derek Its your turn.

Derek did so, not sure how much longer he would live. Gina was on top of him, her breasts skimming his bare chest as she nibbled his ear, Derek couldnt breathe for fear he would lose any control he had left. his chest heaved as her lips passed over it and her fingers curled around the waistband of his boxers. She pulled them off nimbly and he sprang out before her, harder than he had ever been in his life.

It was all he could do to keep my eyes from rolling back in his head when he felt her tongue stroking his balls, moving up his shaft.

Gina baby Derek croaked as she took his length into her mouth. his vision was red and hazy and he was dying, dying a slow and amazing death

Derek? She had taken her mouth off of my cock, not a moment too soon, and was looking up at him with her hair tumbling around her face.

Yeah? he breathed, praying for just a moment more of control

Im glad you came into my room And with that Derek was laughing, forgetting about everything but her smile, her face, how much he loved her.

Me tooo, Derek moaned as she straddled him and slid onto him like a tight, wet, velvet glove. She moved on top of him and he tried to focus on her breasts swaying slightly, her head thrown back in pleasure, the sound of her breathing heavily, sighing

Derek gripped her hips and thrust into her, harder, faster, hanging on by a thread until she began to moan, louder and louder until she cried out and her body vised around his dick so hard he couldnt control it anymore. Derek exploded, his cries joining hers, and when it was over, she collapsed on him and they lay there in a pile of sweaty limbs. Her hair tickled his cheek and her breasts were slick with perspiration against his chest.

After breathing slowed they moved to the top of the bed and Derek covered them with the quilt. Youre amazing, Gina he said quietly, holding her close.

You, too, Derek I love you

Yes? Derek's breath caught.

I love making love to you. Her eyelids fluttered close and her lashes brushed her cheeks. Derek sighed. It would have to be enough, for now.

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PostSubject: Re: Accidental Attraction   Fri Jan 03, 2014 11:28 pm

The next morning Sara woke up beside Mark, he had come into her room the previous night to talk. Both decided they were too tired from their day of traveling to do much else, plus they knew they had the whole week. Sara sighed as she looked over at the beautiful man sleeping beside her. She knew that what they were doing was wrong because he still had a girlfriend, even though she knew he wasn't happy with her, plus he was too irresistible to say no to.

Many nights after New Year's Eve she caught herself thinking about what had happened, and often blushed thinking about it. She of course told Gina about it, the two friends told each other everything, it's the kind of relationship that they had.

Sara kissed Mark on the cheek and knew he was not going to wake up any time soon, so she decided to change into some comfy lounging clothes and grabbed her kindle to do some reading downstairs.

A little later Sara was comfy on the couch reading her kindle and sipping on a cup of iced coffee, when she saw her best friend come down the stairs. The minute the girls made eye contact with each other, Sara noticed a change in her that she hadn't noticed before.

Sara smiled at her and turned her kindle off and set it down. "Okay you and I need to chat, I know something happened." she said.

Gina smiled as she sat down beside Sara, blushing a little. "Well Derek came into my room last night, and we had sex last night." she told her as she blushed more.

Sara couldn't contain her excitement and hugged Gina, because she knew how much this meant to her, because Sara felt the same way when she had sex with Mark for the first time.

"Did you and Mark...." Gina started asking.

Sara sighed. "Um..no we were too tired from traveling but he did sleep in my bed with me. I really like Mark a lot but part of me feels wrong for wanting him so badly because he still has a girlfriend even though I know he's not happy with her." she told her.

The girls were still talking when Gina noticed Mark walking down the stairs with a pillow. Sara suddenly felt something soft and fluffy hit her in the back, and then heard Mark cracking up.

"Pillow smack!" Mark said laughing. "Morning ladies, you ready to hit the slopes?!"

Sara laughed as she moved hair out of her eyes from the pillow smack. "Yes, just as long as you don't smack me with that pillow out there."


Later on the four of them were enjoying a day of skiing in Aspen and Sara was riding on the ski lift with Mark.

"I can't believe you asked me to come here with you, I mean we only met a few weeks ago. I also feel like your girlfriend should be here with you instead." Sara told him as she looked out at the beautiful scenery below them.

"Honestly, I could never get her to do something like this. She isn't the adventurous type, and she'd rather spend time with her damn dog anyway." Mark told her as he rested his hand on top of hers. "You have made me feel something I haven't felt in a long time, and I am glad you're here."

"It is so beautiful here, I haven't skiied in a long time. I am glad I am here with you, I haven't been able to stop thinking about what happened on New Year's Eve." she said blushing as she thought about it, still couldn't believe it had happened.

"Me either baby" Mark said smiling before he brought his gloved hand up under her chin and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her felt so right. He couldn't ignore his feelings for her anymore. He was falling for her and he knew he had to break things off with BC before things went much further, even though they had done that already, and knew there would be more of it this week.


The four of them returned to their cabin for the rest of the night, and as soon as dinner wrapped up. Mark and Sara excused themselves with knowing looks from Derek and Gina.

The love that was in the air on the ski slopes was starting to come out full swing. They made their way upstairs, and this time they went into Mark's bedroom, and Sara hadn't seen his room yet and it was beautiful, with a big bed. Mark came up behind Sara and wrapped his arms around her and kissed the back of her neck.

"Mark..." she sighed softly as she closed her eyes and rubbed his arms.

Then Mark turned her around and kissed her as he pulled her into his arms and ran his fingers through her long blond hair.

Sara smiled and sighed happily against his mouth as she kissed him back as she wrapped her arms around his neck wanting to be closer to him. She could feel his feelings for her pouring out of him when he kissed her and touched her. She gasped softly when he lifted her up off the floor and pressed her against the wall.

“Mark...” she murmured against his mouth as she caressed his neck.

His lips began to leave trails along her neck while his hands moved along her sides towards her hips. He took in every curve, and let her scent fill his senses.

Sara buried her fingers into his hair and she could smell his shampoo and the lovely smell of his cologne that he put on. He smelled really good and with the way he was touching her with his soft lips and his hands, she never wanted this to end.

Pulling away, Mark set her on the floor again and their eyes were locked.

“Is something wrong baby? Why did we stop?” she asked breathlessly as she starred into his heavenly brown eyes.

"I want to move you to the bed," he replied as he held onto her hand and brought her to the bed.

Sara's heart was racing inside of her as they got closer to the bed, she was excited about what was to come. There was nobody else she’d rather be with. When they reached the bed, he kissed her again, and he picked her up, holding her ass in his hands before he had her sit on the edge of the bed, and helped her remove the sweater she was wearing. His lips immediately found hers again.

Sara smiled and kissed him back, she could never get tired of his kisses, she couldn’t get enough of them. She was falling more in love with him every minute.

Picking her up once more, he moved her onto the bed and kept his arms around her as he joined her. Sara sighed against his lips as he placed her on the soft bed, and ran her fingers through his hair.

Mark began moving his lips over her neck again, his hands were caressing every inch of her body.

“Mark, you feel like heaven against me.” She sighed when she felt chills traveling throughout her body as he pleasured her with his lips and his hands. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamed about this.”

"Dream no more," he answered before he kissed her again. Sara smiled against his soft lips and moved her hands along his sides down to his hips before running one of her hands back up his body and rubbed his chest.

Slowly, the two of them began to undress each other. Mark settled himself between Sara’s slightly open legs and he leaned forward to kiss and nip at the skin underneath her blouse, which was completely unbuttoned, her breasts were still hidden underneath it, and he was anxious to see her again but wanted to take it slow this time.

Sara reached down and started pulling his shirt up, feeling his skin underneath her fingertips. She closed her eyes, as his lips were caressing her bare skin that was revealed to him.

“Mark, your lips feel so good.” She sighed as she rubbed his back with her eyes still closed and she wrapped one leg around his legs.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered.

      He nuzzled her neck while his fingers trailed all over her curves, wanting to learn every inch of her. Mark was beginning to drive her crazy and turn her on more. She gasped when he began to move his hips against hers and she gripped the back of his hair, and she could feel something happening between her legs each time he made her feel good.

Mark groaned, feeling her heated core pressed up against him. It felt perfect, it felt right. It was as if her body was made just for him. It was amazing to her that he could make her body react to him this way and she knew he was the only one on the planet who could, and that thought alone turned her on more.

He stripped off her clothes and moved his lips over her body.

“Mark...” she whispered and gasped when he moved them down her neck towards her breasts.

He started kissing along her shoulders and neck. He entwined his fingers with hers and held their hands above their heads. Sara moaned quietly as she squeezed his hands inside of hers and just relished the feeling of him being on top of her and kissing her.

Mark groaned into her mouth as his free hand moved lower and moved her legs apart a little more. She gasped into his mouth as he caressed her thighs through her jeans, which were getting more and more heated as he kept making her feel good.

“Mark...” she moaned spreading her legs more for him.

He started kissing her neck as he reached down to undo her pants. Sara moaned as she gripped his hair in her hands as she closed her eyes, she couldn’t believe how good he was making her feel, and she gasped when she felt his lips and his tongue on her breasts.

Mark continued to kiss and nip at her collarbone. He moved his fingers along her sides and hips, brushing his nose against her jaw.

“You are really good with your hands and your lips baby.” Sara sighed as she moved her hips against his.

Mark smiled as he continued moving his lips along her neck. He ran his hands over her body, feeling her soft skin against his hands. "You're so gorgeous," he whispered.

“Oh baby, I love the way you touch me.” She moaned as she arched her back when he rested his hands on her breasts as he kissed lower towards her breasts once more.

He slid his tongue along her right nipple while his hand started kneading her left breast. She moaned and gasped when she could feel his hot, wet tongue swirling around her sensitive nipple until it became hard from the soft peak that it was before.

“Oooh yes baby, I love feeling that tongue on my nipples.” She gasped and then laughed a little at this new sensation.

      Mark kissed along her chest and moved lower and lower. He ran his hands along her legs as he kissed down her body. She was absolutely stunning, he couldn't believe how beautiful she was. Sara’s breathing was becoming more labored, and she was sure she’d have to get a new pair of jeans from how aroused she was already. She was dying to feel his bare hands against her legs.

        Mark continued to kiss along her neck and shoulder. He ran his hands along her body, brushing his lips against her chin. “Just when I thought you couldn’t get anymore beautiful,” he murmured.

“Mark, you are more beautiful to me than I’ve ever imagined, I’ve always thought you were beautiful.” She murmured as she closed her eyes, she still felt like she didn’t deserve such a wonderful man like him.

   He kissed her gently, as he moved his hips between her legs. Sara happily kissed him back and sighed contently against his lips and wrapped her arms around him.

She gasped, closing her eyes as she felt his lips continue to caress her skin.
“Mark…oh Mark…” she whispered. After he removed their pants, he ran his fingers along her body.

“Yes baby I’m here, what do you want?” he asked against her skin and he ran his fingers over her stomach.

“Mmm…I want you to touch me baby, I want you to love me.” She murmured as she closed her eyes.

Smiling, he ran his fingers along her thighs. Mark wanted to devour every inch of her, he had only dreamed of doing this with her. He grinned as he kissed her mound through her panties, as he rubbed her legs.

"Mark!" she cried out softly.

Grinning, he continued with his ministrations, knowing he was driving her wild.

“Mmm…you are so wet for me baby...you’re so beautiful. I can’t wait to see you.” He groaned softly when he could smell her arousal, and he lightly ran his tongue over her panty-covered slit.

“Mark…that feels so good!” she whimpered gripping the sheets underneath her.

Mark grinned as they stripped off the rest of their close and kissed her passionately again, slowly caressing her body with his hands paying special attention to her breasts.

“You are so beautiful without all those clothes on, and all of this belongs to me.” He murmured as he kissed her and he ran his hands down her back, grinning as she shivered slightly as he ran his finger tips down over her ass, as he gave it a small squeeze.

“Mark…that tickles baby.” She gasped a little against his lips as she ran her hands down his chest, and she gasped as he kissed and nipped at her stomach and her hips before he spread her legs apart. She smiled down at him, and she moaned and was surprised that he didn’t tease her, he just ran his hot tongue over her wet slit, as he ran his thumbs over the skin around her womanhood, making her cry out as she leaned back against her elbows so she could watch him.

"You like that don't you?" he asked with a smirk as he continued with his work.

“Mmm Mark…oh yes baby! I love that hot tongue on my pussy” She moaned as she tilted her head back, and she whimpered when he used his fingers to open her lips and he licked the inside of them, and he groaned when he could taste her better.

He slid his tongue in and out of her, enjoying the sounds she was making with each lick.

Sara had to concentrate on not screaming too loudly, then tightened her grip on the sheets and sat up a little more, and she moved her legs apart more and moved her hips against his tongue. “Mmm…enjoying yourself down there?” she asked as she curled her toes into the sofa and closed her eyes, her body was quacking a little from the pleasure he was giving her.

Mark groaned as an answer, swirling his tongue around her. His hands ran over her hips as he continued to bring her to the brink of her orgasm.

“Mark!! Oh yes! Give me that tongue, make me come! Shit I’m so close!” Sara moaned and whimpered using one of her hands to grip his hair, as she tilted her head back.

"Come for me baby," he told her before he slid two fingers into her.

“Yes! Oh Mark, make me come!” Sara moaned, each thrust of his fingers brought her closer to the edge, and then he flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit, and that pushed her over, moaning and whimpering as she came hard around his fingers.

"God that was hot baby, so hot," he told her as he stared at her.

Sara sighed contently as she came down from her orgasm, then she leaned back against the cushions and she brought Mark close to her and kissed him passionately, moaning when she tasted herself on his lips, and on his tongue when he slid it into her mouth, and ran it over her lips.

“You really know how to drive a woman crazy with that tongue, ooh but it’s so good baby. So damn good.” She murmured hotly against his mouth.

Mark chuckled against her mouth as he spread her legs a little father apart. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip while he took off the rest of his clothes. She wrapped her arms tightly around his back, moaning as he thrust inside her.

“Mark…oh yes! You feel so good!” Sara moaned as he slid the rest of the way inside, and she nipped at his bottom lip and kept her arms around his neck.

Mark groaned as he started going harder and faster into her.

Sara moaned as she wrapped her legs around his hips, wanting him closer to her if possible, gasping against his lips as she felt him sink deeper inside her. “You feel like heaven baby.” She moaned.

"You are so tight, so incredible baby, I can't get enough of you." he said with a groan.

“Mmm…then don’t baby. I can’t get enough of you either.” She smirked as she dragged her nails down his back.

Mark groaned as he started thrusting harder and faster into her. Sara cried out loudly, as she arched her hips, wanting him to go deeper inside her if possible, she threw her head back. Mark muffled her screams by kissing her, not wanting Derek and Gina to hear them.

“Shh…baby we don’t want to wake up our friends” He murmured breathlessly against her lips.

“Mmm…I can’t help it you feel so damn good baby.” She moaned softly against his lips.

Mark smiled as he gripped her hips. "You're hotter," he told her as he ground his hips against hers.

“Mmm…yes that feels so good! I love watching you move those hips against mine like that.” Sara moaned, as she massaged her breasts.

"You're so hot baby, shit are you so tight," he told her.

Sara whimpered and moaned against Mark’s lips as he kissed her again. “Mmm…I’m getting so close baby..so close.” She murmured as she ran her hands down his chest.

"Shit I'm close too," he answered.

After a few more thrusts they reached their climaxes and Mark collapsed onto his arms so not to crush her.

Sara sighed contently as she returned her breathing back to normal, and she smiled when he laid down on the bed beside her, and rested his head on her shoulder and he kissed her neck softly. She just laid there with him beside her, and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Fuck, that was amazing baby." Mark told her breathlessly as he caressed her skin on her stomach.

“I guess this is something that I could get used to.” She murmured as she closed her eyes for a minute and rubbed his back.

"Well you are an incredible woman, I can't believe you're here with me" He said softly, stroking her hair.

“I’m still wondering if all of this is just a crazy dream. This is so unbelievable. I can’t believe this is my life now.” She told him, as she rested her forehead against his.

Mark kissed her again before he pulled the covers up over the two of them, and held Sara close to him both of them fell asleep pleased with how the start of their little vacation had begun.

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Gina and Derek were downstairs on the couch watching a movie, her head was resting against his shoulder as his arm was placed around her. "Derek I love you but you have a decision to make." Gina said lowering her eyes.

"I know my decision, I just got to wait for the right time to call Nina and break it to her." Derek said before he kissed the top of her head "I want to be with you Gina and there is no doubt in my mind that the decision is the wrong one."

"I want to be with you too." Gina said as she looked up at him her eyelids wet from tears wanting to fall. Derek wiped at her eyes before he kissed each eyelid softly.

Derek turned off the Television then he swept Gina into his arms and carried her to his bedroom which turned out to be bigger then the one she slept in. "Should we have a repeat of last night?" Derek asked her.

"Honey I love you but my body has not recovered from last night." Gina laughed before she yawned a little covering her mouth.

"Then we can cuddle one another and talk until we fall asleep." Derek said as he stripped down to his boxers. Gina was wearing a tee tank and pajama shorts so she was already dressed for bed.

"That sounds cozy." Gina smiled as she watched him walk over to turn off the light, she felt him get into bed and snuggle close against her his body felt so right against hers.

"Derek have you ever loved Nina?" Gina asked in the darkness of the room.

"When we first started dating I thought i did, but recently I am not so sure." Derek sighed "Her life is in Atlanta, My life is in California."

"I want you to make the right decision Derek." Gina whispered.

"Believe me baby, these past few days with you have made me realize your the girl I want and I have got to break things off with her." Derek said as he twirled her hair around his finger "You got to believe me baby, this love i have for you is real."

"I believe it is real Derek, I just don't want you breaking things off with her and then regretting it." Gina told him.

"There will be no regrets." Derek promised her before he kissed her lips.

They continued to lay there in the dark talking, getting to know one another a little better til they both drifted off to sleep in one another arms. The sound of Derek's ringing cell phone woke them the following morning.

"Hello?" Derek answered his phone in a sexy sleepy voice. Gina rolled onto her side facing him and opened her eyes.

"How is Aspen treating you?" Nina's voice came from the other end of the phone.

"Treating me well." Derek answered her as Gina placed her arm around his waist and he smiled.

"I would guess so since i saw pictures of you all bundled up with the girl you brought backstage new years eve walking around Aspen yesterday." Nina smarted off.

"About that..Nina this relationship is not working out." Derek sighed into the phone "I was going to call you this morning, I hate you had to find out the way you did."

"How long has this been going on?" Nina wanted to know.

"Just the past few days." Derek promised her "But I have been thinking of her since that new years eve night."

"You could have told me Derek, I would have been understanding." Nina said "I gotta go though i am needed to get ready to leave for filming."

Derek ended the phone call then laid back on the bed facing Gina before he kissed her. "Well that is taken care of."

"How did she take it?" Gina asked.

"Better than i thought she would." Derek replied "Come on baby I smell breakfast cooking."
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The following morning Sara was sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter in a pair of purple comfy pants and a pink tank top, while Mark moved around the kitchen trying his best not to ruin breakfast for everyone. He was wearing just a pair of boxers, which showed off his perfect butt, and she caught herself looking at it while she was on her computer messing around.

When she decided she had done enough messing around she closed her laptop, and she gasped when she felt Mark's hands move around her from behind, and he kissed the back of her neck. "You're so beautiful..." he murmured against her skin.

Sara smiled and then she turned around still sitting on the stool to face Mark.

He pulled her close and kissed her trapping her in his arms. "I wanna eat you for breakfast, starting with these." he replied smiling as he kissed and nipped at her breasts through her tank top, making her laugh and gasp at the same time.

"Mark...damn you're so naughty." she said smiling. "You're making it difficult for me to resist you right now, even though we're in the kitchen where anyone can walk in."

"That's the fun part." He said smiling as he kissed her again and rubbed her breasts through her tank top, groaned slightly when he felt her nipples getting hard, and then he slowly pulled her tank top up revealing her breasts, and he immediately ran his tongue over her hard nipples as he held her perfectly sized breasts in his hands and massaged them while he licked and nipped at her nipples.

"Mark...oh my god baby." Sara moaned softly as she ran her fingers through his hair, she could already feel how wet he was making her, just from the attention he was giving to her breasts.

"Damn, you taste so good baby." Mark told her as he kissed both of her breasts, before he kissed down her stomach and slid his tongue into her belly button. She gasped suddenly when he lifted her up into his arms and had her sit on the kitchen counter and then he pulled her pants down, and left her panties on and he kissed and licked the wet spot on them from her arousal, he groaned when he could taste her.

"Mark...please.." she said breathing heavily, she was past caring weather or not they'd be caught, she just wanted him.

"Please what?" he smirked as he kissed the inner most part of her thighs.

"Touch me...please stop teasing me." she whimpered.

Mark smiled as he kissed her womanhood through her panties again, before he used his teeth to pull them down her shapely legs, and finally over her small feet which he adored. He took her right foot into his hand and kissed it, and then kissed each of her toes before he gave the same treatment to her left foot, before he kissed his way up her legs, before he pushed them apart, having her prop her right foot up on the counter, so he could have better access to his prize between her legs. He decided he had teased her enough and he figured their time alone down here wasn't going to be long, so he wasted no time in running his tongue over her sweet wetness.

"Ooh Mark, shit." she moaned as she gripped the edge of the counter as he massaged every inch and crevice of her folds with his tongue, before sliding his tongue inside her, groaning as he tasted more of her wanting more of her.

"Does that feel good? I could stay right here forever." Mark smirked against her, before he used his thumbs to spread her open more and kept licking her.

"Yes baby...so damn good!" she moaned trying her best not to scream, so she bit her lip.

Mark pulled her hips to the edge of the counter for better access to her, and he used his fingers to spread her open again and he slid his tongue up to her clit, swirling his tongue around it before he would flick his tongue over it only long enough to tease her, the next time he flicked his tongue over her clit, she cried out and threw her head back as she came hard onto his tongue.

He groaned in content as he could taste her sweet arousal spilling onto his tongue, he would never be able to get enough of her, and he kissed his way up her body until he found her lips. She moaned and smiled against his lips, and let him slide his tongue into her mouth.

Sara was determined to return the favor this time, and she was hoping she would be able to help him feel as good as he had done for her. She kissed him before she stood up and pressed herself against his body, smiling when she could feel how hard he was. She reluctantly pulled her lips away from his to give the rest of his beautiful body the attention as well. She kissed down his neck, and his chest, as she ran her finger nails over the beautiful bible verse tattoo he had on his body. He ran his fingers through her hair, and he sighed contently.

"You are so beautiful Mark Ballas, and now it's your turn." she told him smiling as she ran her hands down his body, before she started to rub his erection through his boxers, knowing that she was able to get such a reaction from him turned her on more, and wanted to make him feel as good as he made her feel. She smiled when he tightened his grip on her hair a little bit. She was excited to see him, yes she has felt him inside her, but she never got a good look at him down below.

She pulled his boxers down, and his erection sprang free from it's restraint, and she was in awe of how beautiful he was. She first used her hand to stroke him, and she felt him tense up. She smiled up at Mark before she kissed him, and kissed down his shaft before she took him into her mouth, and he buried his fingers into her hair.

"Fuck baby...I love your mouth on me." he groaned as he moved his head back.

Sara looked up at him, and he looked so beautiful when he was turned on, she loved being in control of him like this. "Damn Mark, you taste so good, i wanna taste more of you." she moaned as she licked the bit of precum off of him, she was getting wet again from pleasuring him with her mouth, and she used her hands to massage his balls.

"Damn, keep doing that and you will soon, and I would make it soon because I think our friends are waking up, and I really don't want to scar them by seeing this." Mark said smiling.

Sara didn't let that stop her, she kept sucking on him, and she flicked her tongue over the tip of his beautiful manhood while she massaged his balls. She took as much of him into her mouth until she could sense that he was about to explode, and then he did, and she could taste his load spilling into her mouth, and he tasted so good. When he was done, he pulled her up to give her a kiss.

"Mmm...that was the best breakfast I have ever had." Sara smirked against his lips, as he held her face and kissed her again. Just then they heard their friends walking out of their bedroom.

Sara gasped when she realized she had no pants on, she quickly pulled her pants on without her panties. Mark pulled up his boxers, and picked up her panties off of the floor and slid them into the pocket of her comfy pants and went back to trying to cook them breakfast, like nothing ever happened.

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The day was spent snow tubing when the couples returned back to the cabin Gina decided to shower to warm herself from the coldness. The warm water hit her body and she let out a sigh she heard the shower curtain open and before she knew it he was wrapping his arms around her.

Derek turns his back to the shower and faces her as he throws his head back
under the gentle spray of warm water to rinse the shampoo from his head. As he
opens his eyes, he sees his beautiful woman, naked and wet, soaping her hands
with a fragrant bar of soap.

She comes to him and begins rubbing his chest. His nipples harden as her soft,
soapy fingers trace circles around them. Her hands, still holding the bar of
soap, slide down to the coarse hair that surrounds his manhood. Gina soaps him
well, sliding the bar in her hands under him as well. She puts down the soap and
scratches her fingers deep to cup his chin soft, soapy jewels. She hears his breath whistle from his parted lips when she go finally takes hold of him.

She roughly tugs on it, feeling it harden and grow in her hands. Her left hand
holds Derek firmly, stroking him up and down while she runs her right thumb
across the very smooth and sensitive tip. Her hand leaves the wet tip and slides
down between his legs to gently caress him there.

She then pushes Derek under the shower, where the steady stream of water rinses
the soap from his body. She glances over her shoulder, carefully backs up and
sits on the little corner seat in the shower. Still gripping his member in her
hand, she pulls him to her. As her finger teases him with little, soapy
caresses, her luscious mouth opens to take him deep inside. Michele greedily sucks
him deeper still into her mouth. She hears his moans above the soundChance turns his back to the shower and faces her as he throws his head back
under the gentle spray of warm water to rinse the shampoo from his head. As he
opens his eyes, he sees his beautiful woman, naked and wet, soaping her hands
with a fragrant bar of soap.

She comes to him and begins rubbing his chest. His nipples harden as her soft,
soapy fingers trace circles around them. Her hands, still holding the bar of
soap, slide down to the coarse hair that surrounds his manhood. Michele soaps him
well, sliding the bar in her hands under him as well. She puts down the soap and
scratches her fingers deep into the tight dense curls and then under to cup his
soft, soapy jewels. She hears his breath whistle from his parted lips when she
finally takes hold of him.

She roughly tugs on it, feeling it harden and grow in her hands. Her left hand
holds Derek firmly, stroking him up and down while she runs her right thumb
across the very smooth and sensitive tip. Her hand leaves the wet tip and slides
down between his legs to gently caress him there.

She then pushes Derek under the shower, where the steady stream of water rinses
the soap from his body. She glances over her shoulder, carefully backs up and
sits on the little corner seat in the shower. Still gripping his member in her
hand, she pulls him to her. As her finger teases him with little, soapy
caresses, her luscious mouth opens to take him deep inside. Gina greedily sucks
him deeper still into her mouth. She hears his moans above the sound of the
shower and becomes even more aroused.

With him in her mouth, her free hand reaches for his. She takes it and places it
on the side of her head, closing his fingers around her hair. Derek needs no
encouragement to follow suit with his other hand. With a firm grasp of her
pretty head he holds Gina still and moves his hips in short, deliberate
thrusts. She gags a little until she is relaxed and ready for his rhythm.

Her hand reaches under to feel his sac tighten and crinkle up close to his body,
the way it always does when he is close to cumming. Derek is so close, but he
does not want to let his seed pour down her throat--at least not yet.

Reluctantly, he takes himself from her mouth. His breathing is so hard. Derek
steps back under the shower to let the warm water rush over him. He takes just a
moment to compose himself. While his eyes are closed and the water is streaming
down his head, Gina once again takes the bar of soap.

He opens his eyes in time to see her sitting there on the corner seat with her
legs spread wide, one leg resting on the side of the shower stall and the other
resting on the edge that holds the shower door. Derek watches her as she rubs
the soap over her breasts, down her tummy, then between her legs. He sees a tiny
soap bubble attach itself to one of her puckered nipples. He reaches out to
touch it and it pops. Derek takes her hardened nipple between his thumb and
finger as Gina slides her soapy hands all over her body. He watches her fingers
glide over her lower lips and sees her slip one deep inside. As one hand holds
back the hood that covers her tiny love button, she fingers the pink, swollen
bud, rubbing it in small, steady circles.

He looks up to her face and sees her sweet lips part slightly. His eyes return
to watch her fingers explore herself. This causes Derek to feel a tightness low
in his stomach. Gina is beautiful like that. He never tires of seeing his woman
in the throes of orgasmic pleasure. Unable to stand just watching any longer,
Derek drops to his knees. Feeling the water beat down on his smooth back, he
turns and cups his hands under the stream to fill them with water and returns to
rinse the soap from her body.

He lowers his lips to find their mark and Gina jolts from the astonishing
impact of his mouth touching her womanhood. His lips kiss her soft, juicy
petals. His tongue slides out to probe deep into her, tasting the tangy flavor
that hardens him even more. Her finger bumps his nose as she steadily caresses
her delicate button, bringing herself closer to orgasm. She is there. Soft,
sweet, little moans slip unknowingly from her open lips as she cums. His tongue
probes and tastes the evidence of her ecstasy.

Returning from her euphoria, Gina opens her eyes to find her man looking at her
with love and tenderness, laced liberally with his still-unreleased passion.
derek takes her hand and helps her stand under the spray to rinse. The tepid
water quickly turns cool as he shuts it off.

Taking a big, fluffy bath sheet, he wraps it warmly around his woman. Gina steps
out of the shower as Derek quickly grabs the other towel for himself. With a
few quick pats to dry only the excess water off their bodies, they race to their

Once beneath the soft, fresh sheets, Derek pulls her into his arms. His firm
reminder that only one of them has found release from their passion gently pokes
her tummy. They kiss, long and deep, starting out gentle but quickly turning
into a wild fencing of tongues.

His hands caress her breasts and slide down her back, grabbing her bottom to
pull her close to him. Derek skillfully rolls Gina to her tummy, to the same
position he had found her earlier, and lifts her to her knees. He positions
himself behind her, rubbing his manhood into the wetness that has smoothed the
way to ecstasy for man since the beginning of time.

Taking a firm grip on her slender hips, Derek plunges forward, deep into the
hot, smooth tunnel of love. Again and again, he plunges into her. Faster now and
harder. He hears Gina moan and feels her grip him. It tightens and convulses as
another orgasm takes her away. The feeling is too intense for Derek: He cannot
hold back any longer. He pulls her hips close to him, holding her tight and
still. His head falls back and his own moans bellow into the silent room.

Derek fills gina with strong, steady jets of his essence. One spurt after
another, filling her with his seed.

Feeling weak now from the intensity of their orgasms, he feels her fall from her
knees to collapse flat on the bed. Derek gently pulls himself from her body and
falls on his back next to her.

Both sated and exhausted, Gina rolls from her tummy onto her side. Resting her
head on his shoulder, she snuggles in under his armpit. She slides her arm over
his hard, sweat-covered chest, absently running her fingers through the still
damp hair. Her thigh feels the wetness of his now-softening manhood before she
lays it to rest on his tummy. Snuggled close, Derek reaches  down for the lost
comforter and covers them both.

After a two hour nap they joined their friends downstairs. Mark had the Televison on TMZ next thing they knew a picture of Mark and Sara kissing on the ski lift the day before flashed across the television.

"Oh sit.." Mark said

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Sara was in shock about what she saw on the television screen, she knew that being with someone famous there was risk in things like this happening. She didn't think it would happen this quickly, and she was wondering how tmz knew they were here. She was also worried about who would see the picture, tmz went so far as the call her Mark's new mystery woman, and she buried her face into Mark's shoulder beside her, as they were comfy together on the couch.

Mark was somewhat used to this by now, but he knew this was new for Sara, and he kept his arm around her as he kissed the top of her head. "Baby, it's alright. I won't let them do anything too over board, with this." he told her and he rubbed her arm.

"I am not worried about that, I just didn't think anything like this would happen so soon." Sara told him as she rested her head on his shoulder and rested her hand on his torso.

"Well the paps can get a little ridiculous sometimes especially when it comes to new people, and Mark and I will make sure they don't get too carried away with pictures or anything else." Derek told them.

A little bit later Derek and Gina had gone upstairs, and Mark and Sara were about to do the same but decided to stay up a little longer to cuddle on the couch and talk, kiss and just enjoy each other's company. One thing was for sure, they were already half way through their stay here in Aspen, and they weren't ready to face the reality of Los Angeles just yet, but they were ready to face it together, and she was happy she agreed to come.

They were sipping on hot chocolate and snuggling by the fire place while they were talking. They were beginning to doze when they suddenly heard knocking at their door. It was starting to get pretty late, and they were confused about who it was.

"Are we expecting anyone else?" Sara asked confused as she yawned.

"Take the mugs into the kitchen, and I will see who it is." Mark told her.

Sara nodded and took their hot cocoa mugs into the kitchen and rinse them out while Mark went to answer the door, by the time she was done rinsing and turned the water off he could hear some hushed arguing, and she was confused about who it was.

When she came out of the kitchen she saw Mark's current girlfriend standing there with her arms crossed yelling at Mark about the picture she saw of the two of them kissing.

"Listen, I am sorry that you had to find out this way, but I've realized that our relationship is not going to work out. You spend more time with your stupid dog than you ever had with me. You also never seem to interested in what is happening with me lately, it's like I don't exist to you." Mark told her angrily, crossing his arms as well.

"So you decide to leave me for some chick who isn't anyone special? What talents does she have Mark? Can she sing? Can she even cook? Lord knows that you can't, and it isn't my fault that your music doesn't excite me anymore." BC told him getting angry at him.

"None of that matters to me, and you will not talk about her like that. I love her, and I don't know who you think you are barging in here and ruining my time here with her and insulting me like this. Now for the 4th time, get the hell out of here, I don't want to see you again. We're done." Mark told her through gritted teeth.

"Fine, you have the little bitch." BC snapped, before she punched him hard across the mouth, before she stormed out, slamming the door behind her.

"Mark! Are you ok?" Sara gasped as she ran over to help him stand up straight, and when he looked at her, she saw his top lip bleeding. She didn't know why anyone would ever hit someone as sweet as Mark was, and it hurt to see him treated this way, and she wondered if things were always like this with her, but decided not to question it tonight. Instead she just helped him into the kitchen and helped him clean up his lip.

Later the two of them made their way up to bed, and Sara was getting ready in the bathroom. She finished up, and she walked out of the bathroom and saw Mark in bed with his back facing the bathroom. This is the most serious she had ever seen Mark in the short time that she had been around him, and she had a feeling he had been mistreated before and it broke her heart.

Sara laid down beside him in bed and she wrapped her arms around his body and kissed him between his shoulder blades, she was falling more, and more in love with this man. Just when she thought he wouldn't be in the mood to do anything after what happened, he surprised her when he turned around and kissed her in a way that he hadn't before. He was in need of her, and his kisses told him she meant more to him than she realized.

She broke from the kiss briefly to look up into his brown eyes, and she stroked his face before she gently pushed him down on the bed and straddled his hips and kissed the cut above his lip, as she felt him move his arms around her, holding her body close against his, and the two of them continued to pour their feelings out for each other. She loved this man and was going to prove it to him, tonight was all about him, and what he needed from her.

"Tonight is your night Mr. Ballas." she murmured as she kissed him as she ran her hands all over his upper body before she followed the trail she made with her hands with her lips.

Sara stopped kissing his gorgeous body long enough to remove her tank top and her shorts, before she straddled him again. She gasped when she could feel his hard cock pressed up against her now naked nether regions. "Shit...you're so hard baby. I am so wet for you already." she moaned as she rubbed herself over him, and she smiled when she saw him move his head back.

"Shit Sara...you're gonna make me cum before you get me out of my boxers." he groaned.

Sara smiled before she kissed him and moved off of his hips so she could remove his frog boxers, and she smiled down at his beautiful naked body and she straddled his knees and then lowered her body down on his legs as she stroked his beautiful manhood with her hands, before she finally licked at the delicious precum off at the tip, and his hips jolted off the bed at the contact she was giving him. This encouraged her to pleasure him as much as possible with her mouth, so she made sure to lick every inch of him, she noticed he was super sensitive when she would run the tip of her tongue underneath his shaft. She moaned when she took him into her mouth while she massaged his balls with her fingers.

She loved the sounds of pleasure that escaped his lips, as much as she loved doing this to him, she was so wet and she needed him to fill her up, so she gave his cock a loving kiss before she kissed her way up his body until she found his lips and she rubbed herself against him, both of them moaning softly against each other's lips. He held her close to him, and ran his hands over her ass, and he used his hand to guide himself inside her warm wetness, and he helped her move up and down on him.

"Ooh Mark, yes you feel so good. I will never be able to get enough of you." she moaned as she tilted her head back and placed her hands on his chest to balance herself, until he brought her down to him so he could kiss her and he moved his hips up into her, making them both cry out.

After a few more thrusts, both of them were moaning as they reached orgasm at the same time and Sara collapsed on top of his bare chest and caught her breath as Mark held her in his arms and rubbed her back, sighing contently. She slowly removed his now limp member from her warmth before she cuddled up beside him wrapping her arm around his torso, and kissed him tenderly before resting her head on his shoulder as he pulled the blankets up over their naked bodies and fell asleep together.
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Gina woke in the middle of the night to the sound of Derek throwing up in the bathroom, that night when they went to bed she knew something was not right when he fell asleep almost the second his head hit the pillow.

Gina slipped out of bed and wet a warm wash cloth before she joined his side rubbing his back til he was through getting everything up. "Are you alright honey?" she asked while she wiped his mouth with the wash cloth in her hand.

Derek looked up at Gina weakly as she stood there before him cleaning up him and the mess he had made from getting sick. "I think maybe I am getting the flu." he whispered.

"Honey you don't have to be upset about this, the flu is going around and lucky for you one of the best nurses at the best hospital in L.A is here to take care of you." Gina said helping him to his feet and back to the bed where she covered him to his chin before joining him.

"I didn't know you were a nurse." Derek said as he pulled her close, he was freezing and searching for body heat to keep him warm.

"There are a few things you don't know about me." Gina told him as she rested her head against him "So where do we stand in this relationship?"

"Your my girlfriend." Derek told her as he grew sleepy "Nina and i are no longer a item so that makes you mine."

"Gee thanks for asking if I wanted to be your girlfriend." Gina teased with a laugh.

"I didn't think I had to laugh, I mean with the sex and everything." Derek laughed a little.

"I am teasing you sweetheart." Gina said before she kissed his shoulder. They fell asleep snuggled close to one another not a care in the world.

The bright sun shined through the window the following morning and Derek groaned as he rolled to his side coming face to face with Gina who was watching him. "Mmm I could wake up to you every morning and never grow tired of it."

"I could say the same though this morning you look like hell Hough." Gina said a worried look coming across her face.

"I feel like I look probably." Derek sighed "I am ruining the rest of our vacation."

"Baby, don't think like that. I would say the flu hits us all before we leave here." Gina told him as she got out of bed and changed from shorts to pajama bottoms "want to lay on the couch downstairs?"

"Can you help me down the stairs?" Derek asked "I am aching all over."

Gina smiled before she helped her boyfriend out of bed and down the stairs where Mark and Sara were kissing at the Island in the kitchen. "Please I have a sick boyfriend who doesn't need to be throwing up right now." she laughed.

"From the looks he has the flu." Mark said glancing at Derek, he knew his best friend well considering they had known one another since he was Ten.

"What happened to you lip?" Derek asked looking close at his friend's face.

"Bc paid us a visit last night and hit me before she left." Mark said shrugging his shoulders "You know how it goes with her."

"Yeah.." Derek said softly saying no more than he had too on the subject.

Sara glanced at Gina both girls knew the boys were keeping something from Sara. Shrugging her shoulders Sara returned to her waffle.

Later that afternoon while Mark and Sara were out browsing shops Gina set at the end of Derek's feet wanting to bring up the question she had been wondering about all morning. "Derek was Mark in a abusive relationship with Bc?"

"Don't let this get to Sara because Mark will tell her in time, Bc has hit him on numerous accounts, burned him with cigarettes, thrown things at him." Derek said sadly.

"Mark is so sweet, why would she do this to him?" Gina asked shocked at what she was hearing.

"Bc is a psycho bitch and when she gets mad there is no stopping her." Derek shook his head "Mark has shown up at my place many nights because she hit him or something."

"What about you? Have you been in a abusive relationship?" Gina asked.

"Nina cheated on me and like a idiot i stayed with her, this was a few days before you came into my life so i am grateful for that." Derek smiled before he leaned up to kiss her cheek.
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Sara and Mark were walking down the sidewalk just browsing and enjoying a sunny, slightly chilly day in Aspen. They had enjoyed their time here, and they were sad that it was coming to an end. Sara had her arm linked through Mark's, staying close together for warmth. She had some questions for him about what had happened with bc, but she felt like this wasn't the place or the time to mention it. She decided she would let him tell her in his own time.

"Damn, it's cold here." Mark said as he shivered slightly as a sudden breeze blew up into their faces.

Sara was originally from Chicago, and she has been through a handful of a lot of cold winters, she just smiled as she rubbed his arm. She pulled out her phone to check the temperature, it was 30 degrees.

"Mr. Ballas you don't know cold like I do, I grew up in Chicago, where it can get into the negative temperatures sometimes, so on days like today when it's 30, it almost feels like spring weather." Sara said teasing a little bit.

"You making fun of me?" Mark smirked before he let out a small cough, but Sara didn't think much of it as it was cold and sometimes it made her cough too, but when she had woken up that morning her throat felt a bit scratchy, but just hoped it would go away, but that feeling in her throat was still there.

"No, of course not." she said smiling before she stopped walking for a minute to give him a kiss, before she took his gloved hand and continued walking with him, when she saw a Starbucks coffee shop ahead, and at that moment coffee sounded good, and she knew Mark wanted to get out of the cold for a bit.

"Coffee for my lady?" Mark asked smiling as he kissed the side of her head.

"So, you can play the guitar, dance AND you're a mind reader. You're just full of different talents aren't you?" Sara said smiling as she let out a little laugh.

"Oh you have no idea." Mark smirked before he kissed her again before they went inside Starbucks. Both of them sighed in relief to be out of the cold for a bit, and were looking forward to getting their hands on some hot drinks to enjoy before they went back to their cabin.

Mark got them both a hot drink and he sat down across from her as they enjoyed them at a table inside Starbucks. Mark held onto her hand as they sat there, and ran his thumb over her knuckles appreciating how soft her hands were even in this cold. Sara was still amazed that she was lucky enough to find someone like him, nobody had ever given her this kind of attention before.

"I hope you are enjoying yourself." Mark told her as he took a sip of his drink.

"Yes, I am having so much fun here with you. All of this is happening so fast, and it is so beautiful here. Though I do believe I might be catching a cold, but I usually get one this time of year anyways." Sara replied as she cleared her throat.

While they were talking, Sara heard the door opening, and she felt both chills and anger rush through her when she realized it was BC who had just walked in. "Shit, she's in here Mark."

Sara noticed Mark's relaxed demeanor just then seemed to change when Sara mentioned BC, and she rested her hand ontop of his reassuringly. "Let's go before she sees us, I really do not want a repeat of last night." Sara said softly to him, as they bundled up again, and took their drinks.

Mark nodded before he took her hand and they let out a sigh when they were able to escape without BC noticing them. Mark held onto her hand as they made their way to their rental car. It was starting to get dark, and they wanted to stop at Walgreens to pick up medicine and snacks for another cozy night in the cabin with their friends.


That evening, the two couples were cuddled up together in front of the fire place with hot cocoa and other snacks. Derek didn't really feel great because of him being sick, but he didn't let that stop him from making the best of one of their last nights in Aspen.

"We ran into BC again today, I can't help but wonder about why she's here. She never really wanted to come here before, so why is she here now?" Mark wondered, and Sara could tell this concerned him a little.

Sara got closer to him, and she rubbed his arm reassuringly. "Marki, I will not let her hurt you again." she told him as she kissed him on the cheek, not wanting to risk getting him sick with the cold she was getting.

The couples talked with each other late into the night until they all decided to call it a night a bit early, the skiing and the cold weather here was starting to make them tired earlier.

When Sara emerged from the bathroom, she heard Mark coughing, and she saw him taking some night time cold medicine.

"I didn't get you sick did I? I would feel really bad if I did." Sara commented sadly as she joined him in bed after taking her own medicine.

"Shhh, it's going around baby and besides you can get me sick any time if it is an excuse to get you to cuddle with me all night." he told her smiling as he snuggled close to her and rested his head on her chest. "Mmm these are my favorite pillows."

Sara smiled before she wrapped her arms around him, and kissed the top of head while she rubbed his back. "You know if you are getting sick you might want to put on a shirt." she told him. "and you don't need an excuse to cuddle with me, if you ever wanna cuddle I am here."

Mark smiled as he lifted his head and looked down at her, and then he held her chin under his finger and kissed her. "Good, because I love you. I loved you ever since I saw you walk backstage on our New Year's Eve show."

Sara looked up at him, and stroked his face before she kissed the cut above his lip. "I love you too, and I will never hurt you." she told him softly.

Mark laid back down with his head on her chest, letting her hold him and stroke his hair. "That's making me sleepy..." he whined.

Sara laughed as she continued. "We need sleep my love.." she said softly.
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Gina sighed as she lay awake, all that evening her nose had began to feel stuffy and her throat was now starting to bother her. "Honey are you alright?" Derek asked as he woke from a restless sleep.

"I think I am getting the bug going around." Gina sighed as she snuggled against him for warmth the tempetures were dropping outside.

"Honey I have been thinking." Derek said as he played with her hair "you mentioned the lease is up on your and Sara's apartment soon, why don't you move in with me?"

"Derek do you really mean that? I mean we just started dating a few days ago." Gina questioned him.

"Gina, you mean the world to me. I want to be with you as much as I can." Derek told her leaning up on one elbow "If this is moving to fast for you then I completely understand."

"No believe me I want the same thing, I am just not used to this kind of love and affection from someone." Gina said lowering her eyes.

"Honey I don't know your past but I can promise you all the love and affection I give you is real, I have had many girls come along but not one has made me feel the way that you do."

Gina could feel tears streaming from her eyes and through the darkness of the bedroom Derek kissed them away softly with his lips. She believed everything he told her and she was so grateful to have this caring man in her life.

Beside her Derek sighed, she knew he felt miserable for she did as well. These last days in Aspen would be spent inside in front of the fire cuddling one another. She hated for all this to end, reality would return soon. She had to go back to work while in the process of moving in with Derek.

Waking the next morning she knew for sure she had come down with what everyone else had, Derek was already out of bed so she slipped into some Pj pants and a shirt then padded her way downstairs where everyone was watching "Game Of Thrones" on the Television.

Gina set down beside Derek who placed a arm around her and she found herself snuggling against him for a little extra body heat "How are you feeling baby?" he asked.

"Worse than I was feeling last night." Gina told him with a sigh "But i don't want it to ruin our last day in Aspen."

"It won't baby, we have all decided just to stay in today and talk while watching whatever the hell we can find on Television." Derek told her.

"There is going to be so much to do when we get back to California." Gina sighed.

"Your not to worry about that because I will take care of it." Derek told her before he kissed the top of her head "You go about your normal day and I will take care of the rest."

"Well aren't you bossy this morning?" Gina smiled at him.

"I tend to get a little ill when i am not feeling good." Derek laughed as Mark shook his head in agreement.
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Three months passed since Gina and Derek had started dating now she stood in the middle of his apartment with a smile on her face. "What is that smile for?" Derek asked wrapping her in his arms from behind.

"I felt moving in with you would never happen when you first mentioned it but now here we are and all my stuff is moved in." Gina said as she relaxed in his arms.

"The place looks amazing, our things go well together." Derek said before he dropped his head and planed kisses on the sides of her neck.

Gina squirmed and giggled before she released herself from his arms, finding her Carrie Underwood CD she placed it inside the player of the surround system and found her favorite song. turning with a smile on her face she walked towards Derek as the song started to play "This is my song to you." she whispered against his lips.

I would bet my life, like I bet my heart
That you were the one, baby
I've never been so sure of anything before
It's driving my heart crazy

I can't hold out, I can't hold back now
Like I've done before

Darling, look at me
I've fallen like a fool for you
Darling, can't you see
I'd do anything you want me to

I tell myself I'm in to deep
Then I fall a little farther
Every time you look at me

How do you do that, babe?
Make me feel like I'm the only girl alive for you
I don't know what it is that makes me fall like this
First time in your arms, I knew

The way you held me, I knew that this could be
What I've been waiting to find

Darling, look at me
I've fallen like a fool for you
Darling, can't you see
I'd do anything you want me to

I tell myself I'm getting in to deep
Then I fall a little farther
Every time you look at me

Every time you look at me

The couple danced to the song as Gina sung the lyrics softly as her rested perfectly on his chest. The lyrics fit her feelings for Derek down to the very last word.

"I love you" Gina said as she looked up into Derek's eyes with tears in her eyes.

"I love you too baby." Derek smiled before he kissed her tears away "Your everything I have dreamed of."
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Accidental Attraction
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