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 Saving You Tonight

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PostSubject: Saving You Tonight   Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:33 pm

Mark wiped blood from his lip as he watched his girlfriend walk angry through his apartment throwing cuss words at him. What had he done to deserve the blow he had taken to the lip? These days she didn't need a reason to abuse him she did it because it made her feel powerful he guessed. "Bc we can talk this out without you leaving."

"Mark I can't deal with you tonight, I need to be alone with myself." Bc his girlfriend for two years told him.

"So that gave you a reason to bust my lip?" Mark asked as he picked himself up off the floor and walked towards her wanting comfort between them but she pushed away.

Mark watched as she left his apartment, he didn't want to be here tonight in fear she would come back and hit him again. Mark grabbed his car keys and drove to his best friends apartment.

Sara wrapped her robe around her as she half awake shuffled to her front door where someone was knocking. She looked through the peephole and found her best friend Mark standing there looking helpless. "Mark what happened to your lip?" She asked as she touched it lightly with her fingertips.

"Bc went on one of her rages tonight." Mark answered softly "I was wondering if i could stay here for the night."

"You know your always welcome here Mark." Sara told him as she brought a ice pack to him which she placed to his lip.

"I don't know what I am going to do Sara, I am scared to stay in my own apartment." Mark said as he looked down.

"I've told you time and time again to take a restraining order out on her." Sara sighed, she hated seeing Mark hurting.

"I should break things off with her but I am scared of her reaction." Mark said to her.

"Then have police on stand-bye in case she goes off her rocker again." Sara told him "explain the situation, they will be there for back up."

"Your right and inside my heart I know you are, but when she turns sweet it is hard to just say goodbye to her." Mark sighed.

"Listen Mark you have signs of hurt and abuse all over your body, this has been going on for the past six months and it is time to put a stop to it. I know you think she loves you but Mark what she is showing towards you every few days is not love." Sara explained.

"Right now I just want to lay down and sleep the memories of tonight away." Mark told her, he watched as she then stood and his heart fluttered. For years feelings for Sara had always been there but he hated to ruin a friendship if she didn't feel the same for him as he did for her.

Sara placed a pillow behind his head and covered him before she kissed his cheek telling him goodnight before she went to her room closing the door where she started to cry. Mark was the only guy she would ever love but Bc and girlfriends before her stood in the way of them having a relationship.

Each time Bc hurt Mark it hurt Sara as well because she cared so much for him. Mark took the abuse from Bc because he was not strong enough to leave her. As tears fell from her eyes she cuddled the bear Mark had given her when they were 15. She had been in the hospital recovering from a car accident and he had told her the teddy bear would take away any pain she was feeling on her body. For years the bear had given her comfort.

"Goodnight Mark, I love you." Sara whispered through her tears as she closed her eyes.
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Saving You Tonight
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