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 When I Said I Do

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PostSubject: When I Said I Do   Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:05 pm

Derek stood at the end of the alter his best friend and best man Mark stood beside him but his mind was not on his best friend, his mind was on his beautiful fiancé but soon to be wife who seemed miles away from him at the other end.

Gina stood her arm linked inside her father's wearing a white Strapless bodice beaded lace tulle wedding gown tears in the corners of her eyes as she fixed her eyes on Derek who had made her life complete in the two years they had been together.

The couple soon joined hands in front of family and friends, at Gina's side stood her best friend and maid of honor Sara. As vows were said and rings slipped onto fingers and tears flowed the wedding was soon over and Gina became Mrs, Derek Hough.

Once arriving at the wedding reception family and friends clapped as the newlywed couple entered the beautiful winter wonderland themed ballroom. "You looked so beautiful" Sara said as she took her friend by the arm.

"Imagine all these months of us planning a wedding it is over in just a few moments." Gina laughed "but it was the day I have always dreamed of."

"As it should have been." Sara responded to her just as Mark came up behind her pinching her butt through the maid of honor dress that showed off her figure.

Sara squealed a little before she giggled then let Mark lead her away from the bride and groom.

"Finally we share the same last name." Derek said before he kissed his wife.

"If I could have asked god for a husband I still would have chosen you." Gina told him a smile across her face.

"And to think you thought I was a snob when we first met." Derek said a tone of laughter to his voice.

"Well would you have not thought the same thing if someone just walked right past you without speaking?" Gina asked him.

"I guess I would have." Derek agreed with her "We have wedding guests who await to congratulate us."

"I am looking forward to what you have planned tonight." Gina whispered into his ear, a smirk came across his face before they went to greet wedding guests.
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When I Said I Do
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